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Butcher on the Block 18 Sep 2014
"One stop" is the term he coined. A local butcher, operating privately, but under the banner of a supermarket chain, had lost his butchery years ago. As we chatted, he got me thinking about how customers weigh up the age old question: price vs quality. Except, as he pointed out, it wasn't about the two, but the three... [More]
Oxford supermarket comes out on top in our August 2014 PriceShare Index, captured 23 August.

While there are still several Upper Highway stores missing, the early data on the site begins to give us a picture of how the stores compare on price. While the results should be observed with caution, there are some clear trends emerging and worth commenting on.

See the full blog for a breakdown of the data, and what conclusions we can and can't draw from the data. [More]
How much more are you paying by shopping at KwikSPAR Hillcrest? Some shoppers will have a decent picture, but with our accumulated data, we're able to compare 194 products and start to get a pretty good idea.

Our analysis shows that you're paying about R68 extra for every R1000 you spend, compared to shopping around for the best prices on the same products. That's also R37 extra when compared to the average price across all stores.

But maybe you have different reasons for shopping there, and price is not the only factor? [More]